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Invasion Cocktail : 5 questions with Ambassador Vincent Thuaud

As we are just a few days away from Invasion Cocktail, cocktail week in Montreal and Quebec City from May 10th to 16th, we meet with Invasion Cocktail Ambassador Vincent Thuaud.

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Ambassador Vincent Thuaud

So Vincent, tell me, as Ambassador of Quebec City  for Invasion Cocktail, what changes have you observed in the cocktail culture of Quebec in recent years?

With the growing enthusiasm for cocktails and aperitifs, the new restaurants are no longer only oriented towards wine and pure spirits, and so there are good cocktail programs.

The clientele is beginning to discover and adopt different and better quality classic cocktails from those that were popular before, we moved away from the apricot brandy sour with the bar mix to get closer to the boulevardiers, aperrol spritz, old fashioned, etc. All this is due to the bartenders who work night after night behind the bars of the city!

What did Cocktail Invasion bring to the Quebec City  Cocktail culture since its arrival?

It brings a fresh wind and a sense of uniqueness. This is not a competition so it allows the bartenders to share their ideas, recipes and spend a good time together, without it being in a competitive context. It also helps us connect with Montreal through seminars and events in May and see what is being done elsewhere.

What makes you a good cocktail?

The basis of a good cocktail is balance. Then if the cocktail has panache, a story to tell is the top!

What event should we not miss in Québec during Invasion Cocktail and why?

The opening night at Ateliers et saveurs is a must! You will see many of the creations of the different establishments of the city, meet the creators and really feel the energy behind the cocktails.

What cocktail is your favorite among the cocktails in Quebec City, and why?

I have a weakness for bitter cocktails, low in alcohol and refreshing, so I liked the Dark Vader of the Sapristi although I’m not a Star Wars fan!

But honestly this year, every facility surprised me, and I do not say that to be smat!

We were lucky to have old ladies as well as new bartenders who were willing to collaborate with us. They each have their own style, and one can recognize the bartender behind each creation.

Thank you very much to Invasion Cocktail Ambassador Vincent Thuaud for his interview and great Invasion Cocktail to all!

Also, we invite you to vote for your favorite cocktail on the Invasion Cocktail website and to download your free passport to save on cocktails.


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