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Enter the new Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

This is a brand new experience found in the brand new Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal with the renovations of the old Future Shop now completely reconverted. You will find several additions, including a new section of appliances on the 2nd floor completely redone.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal: You, the consumer, are the center of the store

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

For having opened the first Best Buy in Quebec, I worked at the merchandising at the time, I know a little culture Best Buy, besides some employees present during my stay at Best Buy are still present, and it was great to find some of them during this opening night to which I was invited on December 6th. Located at 470, Sainte-Catherine West, this store is unique in Quebec, and only the second concept of its kind in Canada. “Our unique and innovative concept is based on feedback from our customers, employees and suppliers,” said Ron Wilson, Chief Operating Officer and President of Best Buy Stores. “We want to offer our customers a total retail experience both in-store and online. This store allows us to better meet the changing needs of our customers. This is indeed a very interesting new concept where home automation is present, present in the heart of the customer experience. It’s good to see a technology store change this way with competition from Amazon and many other US online retailers.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

So what is this new shopping experience? It’s a lot of interactivity, a lot of expert advisors to help you, big brands (Sonos, Apple, Sony, Samsung (including the The Frame TV that you can admire) and more), You will find a very early environment guardian and very thought for the city center with for example smaller appliances specifically designed for condos. Moreover, with the disappearance of Sears, it is to retailers like Best Buy and Sub-Zero / Wolf of this world that consumers will have to turn now for their needs in appliances.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal: Un magasin qui suivra les tendances

While we often see shops change dramatically as did this Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal, with this new innovative design, the team will focus on adaptation in the future. It is an evolutionary development that can adapt to future technologies in the coming years.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

For example, we have to think about the connected home / smart / home automation that is starting to take more and more space in different homes. So you can interact with different devices as you can see above. Here’s a little hint of amateur geek here, always be careful when buying these devices, such as the Nest or Ecobee heaters because most are not compatible with 90% Quebec heating systems. Same thing for the August door dam system which, as is the case for me, might not be compatible with the lock of your apartment.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

The new computer section is beautiful, so much more functional with the new Geek Squad counter. Circulating in this one for advice will be so much more enjoyable. The latter being a central point of the downtown store, being one of the only retailers of PC computers on the main artery. There is also a large space reserved for digital cameras. interestingly, the latter had had a certain decline before going off again with the phenomenon of YouTubers and technological advances increasing the ability to make beautiful images with smaller and smaller cameras. In short, a boom for this category, not to mention drones, digital frames and other toys for older children.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal

In short, a store that redefined the consumer experience and is doing good downtown after this store has been several years waiting for a renovation. Oh, and that’s not all, the online experience for the customer is really improved and you can reserve products online and pick them up in less than 20 minutes in store, it’s a lot better than Amazon that. You can also return to the store, the items purchased online, a big advantage and it simplifies the purchase / return process.

Best Buy Experience in Downtown Montreal
470, Sainte-Catherine West (McGill metro Station)
Montreal, Qc


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