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iF3 Festival 2018: Ski & Snowboard starts in October

iF3 Festival 2018 - cover

iF3 Festival 2018, it’s a go for the 11th edition!

Thrill-seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts, this is the return of the iF3 Festival in Montreal for an 11th edition. The event, which is the largest gathering of independent ski and snowboard films, will bring together producers, athletes and participants from more than 20 countries from October 18 to 20 at TAZ Skatepark by day and Bain Mathieu in the evening.

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Credit: iF3 Festival

Skiers of all ages will gather in a festive environment that will allow professional skiers, filmmakers, photographers, industry representatives and fans alike to enjoy the best of the festival just before the start of the season.

The TAZ Days at iF3 Festival 2018: Cinema and thrills

iF3 Festival 2018  takes the rollerdome at TAZ, a legendary venue for skateboard and BMX enthusiasts. This is where the brand village will be held. Featuring exhibitor booths, a bar area designed for great networking opportunities, and a movie theater featuring the selection of the best ski and snowboard movies of 2018!

iF3 Festival 2018 - cinema

Credit: iF3 Festival

Access to the village and the bar area is free and open to all! Entrance fees apply for access to TAZ main skatepark and iF3 cinema. Do not forget your skateboards!

The iF3 Festival 2018 Bain Mathieu Nights: Where the party takes place

It is in this unique and original building that the iF3 will present a very limited selection of films followed by crazy parties of the festival with musical performances. Many surprises are waiting for you! The inevitable Gala of the “iF3 Movie Awards” will take place in “The cache” of Bain Mathieu on Saturday, October 20.

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Credit: iF3 Festival

The iF3 is happening from October 18 to 20, 2018 in Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada

See all the schedule details on the iF3 festival 2018 brand new website

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