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5 Startups to look at in 2019

5 Startups to look at in 2019 - Cover

One thing that you quickly discover when you’re an entrepreneur is other entrepreneurs. The year 2018 was vast in meetings. Here are some of companies that caught my attention. There is also our partner Lickstats whose advertising is on the following page.

Here’s the 5 Startups to look at in 2019

5 Startups to look at in 2019: Tiing

tiing - 5 Startups to look at in 2019




A new tool to collect money for various occasions. What is good is that you do not need to claim and raise your friends, just share the link of your pot on social networks. Everything is safe and fast. We spoke about tiing in this article.


5 Startups to look at in 2019: IPhoenix

iphoenix - 5 Startups to look at in 2019


iPhoenix offers a repair and maintenance service, economical and eco-friendly to users of Apple products. Their team of qualified and specialized technicians are keen to select the best parts for a more sustainable result and thus limit electronic waste. They were mentioned in this incredible article by Le Devoir, a Quebec Newpaper (in French).


5 Startups to look at in 2019: FICTIS

Fictis - 5 Startups to look at in 2019



Here is a micro-enterprise in training, integration, consultation / creation in image and sound technologies. It is also their owner Luc Bourgeois who took the pictures of our Holiday Menu.


5 Startups to look at in 2019: La Slide – Presentation Agency

La Slide - 5 Startups to look at in 2019



What a beautiful discovery that La Slide. Your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations will take a new lease with their help. No more dull and sleepy presentations. Trust them.


5 Startups to look at in 2019: Métier // Coaching + Culture

Métier Coaching - 5 Startups to look at in 2019






The only personalized coaching service for creative and daring professionals. The company offers tailor-made programs to help you balance your leadership with the reality of your workplace. Thus, you will be able to cross the inevitable transition periods with ease and lucidity. A great way to start 2019.


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