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RDPMAG is looking for contributors

As the magazine grows quietly, we are looking for contributors (it seems not at all obvious to do everything alone). With the new positioning of RDPMAG, we will focus on men aged 25 to 45, the latter being our target. Be certain that this is not discrimination but simply a question of positioning. There could be exceptions, however.

Looking for contributors

What do I like to be in the RDPMAG team of contributors

In fact it’s quite simple, we have several sections: Fine Dining, Travel, Art de Vivre, Business, To Ride, Technology, Psychology, Sports, Wellness, etc. In short, several possible subjects, whether fashion or beauty. Whether you like shoes, arts or Lamborghinis, we want to read you. And we will never impose topics on you, we want you to be passionate about what you are going to write. We want you creative, interested, stimulated, open.

What should I do to be a contributor to RDPMAG

Nothing easier. Write us a text of about 300 words that you have already written or something new. Be fearless, we will not publish it, we just want to know if your style can go with that of RDPMAG. Your text can be in either English or French. Also, we would like to know how many times a month you would like to publish. This criterion is no longer indicative. We would also like to know if you publish on other platforms, not to compete other sites in the same niche as us. Also, tell us if you want to contribute to the digital magazine, where articles are longer and require more time, or on the website or both.

Is it worth paying to be a contributor for RDPMAG

For now, it does not pay, however, we give gifts to our contributors, we invite them to events, etc. On the other hand, as a company, rest assured that our goal will be to pay you for the work you do. In a few months when our income will be higher, that’s what we’ll do, do not doubt it. We see a lot of platforms that do not pay their editors and other people who work for their site and that makes us sad. We know very well that even if it’s nice, a rent is not paid with a bottle of wine or a gift certificate from a shop. In short, we will do everything in our power to pay you.

I am not an editor, but I would like to contribute for RDPMAG

Do not worry, we certainly have something for you. Marketing, editing, design, photography, art direction, fashion design, etc. In short, everything that can have a link from near or far with a magazine, we need you. Simply send us an email with your portfolio and what you would like to do in the magazine and we will contact you according to our needs.

And that’s it, nothing complicated. Write us at info@rdmag.co with the mention “Search for Collaborators” and we will answer you shortly.

Looking forward to collaborating.