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The most luxurious burgers of the Burger Week 2019

Burger Week 2019 - Cover

Burger lovers, September 1 to 7, is Burger Week 2019. After 8 years and a few hundred thousand burgers later, Burger Week is now one of the most popular food festivals in Canada. Canada, is back for the new season and this year, it offers several delicious novelties.

For Burger Week 2019, participating restaurants must excel and create a unique, new burger that reflects the essence of their establishment. How to Forget The Tasty Tongue Burger from Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Rosélys restaurant  … Or The Beautiful Crabby Patty From Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal! The creations of the participating restaurants are presented and tasted by the public, who chooses the best by voting at leburgerweek.com; Prizes for the most beautiful, the healthiest and the most creative are awarded in each participating city. In addition, a jury of secret tasters will also elect the Judges’ Choice.

Discover The Most Luxurious Burgers of Burger Week 2019

The Tasty Tongue Burger of Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Rosélys restanrant

The Tasty Tongue Burger from Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Roselys restaurant

Here, you have the chance to try braised beef tongue burger, foie gras escalope, coleslaw and crispy pickles. A creation of the restaurant’s chef, Maxime Delmont, whose discoveries in Calgary will be found in our fall magazine.

Discover the Tasty Tongue Burger

The Burger Belly of The Palm Lounge

The Burger Belly from the Palm Lounge

A delicious 100% CAB House Ground Chuck Patty, pastrami beef bacon, Kohlrabi Remoulade , Comté AOC Cheese, pickled mustard seeds, two pepper jelly.

Discover the Burger Belly

The Duke Caboom from Bells and Whistles

The ‘Duke Caboom’ is a true Canadian daredevil: it features a cheese curd-stuffed patty topped with a bacon weave, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion ring and thyme-roasted mushrooms with maple and cheddar mayo.

Discover the Duke Caboom

El Rio de la Plata (The Silver River) from Hermanos

El Rio de la Plata The Silver River from Hermanos

Ground steak burger topped with sweet pickled zucchini, garlic chimichurri, and our famous crab chevre cream sauce makes this land meets sea perfection. Garnished with an Argentinean garlic cilantro shrimp skewer.

Discover El Rio de la Plata (The Silver River)

The Village Burger from Table 51

Grilled Flat Bread, ground lamb patty,roasted red pepper and feta cheese spread, home fries, Manchego cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, jalapeno poppers stuffed with red pepper and feta cheese spread.

Discover the Village Burger

The Burger Polpette of veal alla parmigiana from Brasseurs de Montréal

Polpette of veal alla parmigiana from Brasseurs de Montreal

Weird but delicious burger made with Brioche burger bread, crispy veal polpette, spaghetti with tomato sauce grated with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.

Discover the Burger of Polpette of veal alla parmigiana

The Hot Chick from Bird Bar

Known for it’s fried chicken the Bird bar is putting on it’s menu a Texan hot fried chicken sandwich, Saputo mozzarella, red cabbage slaw, fried onions, house-made pickles, lettuce on a house-baked bun served with fries & Texan sauce mayo dip.

You will enjoy the Hot Chick in the evening? Profitez-en pour découvrir le Henden

Discover the Hot Chick

The Crabby Patty from Centre Sheraton

Crabby patty from Le Centre Sheraton

Perfect for seafood lovers, this blue tempura crab burger on paprika bread, lime tartar sauce, mixed cabbage salad will undoubtedly be a delight. It is served with fries with seaweed dust.

Discover the Crabby Patty

Le Burger du canard du de La Maison du Magret 

The Duck meat Burger from la Maison du Magret

Duck meat burger seasoned with a mix of our house recipe made with Espelette pepper. Served with fries and foie gras sauce.

Duck lover? Try this recipe of chef Gregory Faye

Discover the Duck Meat Burger

The Sacré Bleu from Mon Ami Louis

The Sacré Bleu from Mon Ami Louis

This “Steak Frites Blue Cheeseburger” is a signature beef blend smash patty, Certified Angus Beef sliced steak, marrow butter, creamy blue cheese sauce and salt & vinegar potato crisps on a griddled brioche bun. Served with our duck fat french fries

Discover the Sacré Bleu

The Hip Hip Chin Chin from Peasant Cookery 

The Hip Hip Chin Chin from Peasant Cookery

The Hip Hip Chin Chin Burger 8oz House Ground deluxe Beef Tenderloin and Striploin burger patty Stuffed with FOIE GRAS butter. On a Flax and Seeds Bun from Le Croissant Bakery With: Double Smoked Boar Bacon Green Tomato Carpaccio House made Mushroom Katsup Canadian Oka Cheese Fresh Mustard Sprouts Served with Peasant Cookery’s classic hand chipped fries tossed with Truffle Salt and served with a side of Tarragon Aioli

Discover the Hip Hip Chin Chin

Happy Burger Week 2019 and let us know about your favorites!

President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gentologie.